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Our Lessons…

offer a comprehensive music program that prepares students for many options.  While our program is structured, it is very accessible.  Students are able to complete weekly assignments in a reasonable amount of time when they develop routine practice habits.  Parental support is encouraged and greatly appreciated.  The average length of study at our school is 8-10 years.

Beginning Piano Lessons – students learn keyboard recognition, note reading, and basic rhythm.  A wonderful introduction to the world of music!

Beginning Guitar/Ukulele Lessons – covers everything from tuning your instrument to reading and writing music.  Learn a variety of styles including timeless songs we all love to hear!

Elementary through Advanced Piano Lessons – students develop technical and musicianship skills, learn how to accompany, improvise and more…

Elementary through Advanced Guitar Lessons – furthers playing skills and musicianship.  Favorite songs, ensemble performance opportunities, and recording/sharing music with friends are included.  Acoustic and electric guitars welcome.

Beginning through Advanced Combination Lessons – Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele with Voice – How to play and sing!  Acquire accompaniment skills along with vocal training, a great intro to music for young vocalists and solid support for advanced learners!

AND….**Now Offering Pre-K Piano Classes!**

All students are enrolled in our three-tiered program which includes:

Performance Opportunities

Call 425.961.0981 or email for more information!

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