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Students attend weekly lessons at an arranged lesson day/time. Student lessons are 30-60 minutes in length according to student level. Fleming School Students are either in weekly private instruction lessons and attend a 55-minute group Theory & Performance class once per month, OR students are enrolled in select ensemble instruction and have one week per month dedicated to Theory & Performance study. 

Private & Select Ensemble Instruction

Private and Select Ensemble lessons allow for complete attention to instrument of study and include the implementation of all musical knowledge and theory. Instructors select method books and supplemental materials to best match the learning styles and goals of students. Time spent in private and ensemble instruction is critical to the development of proper technique and formative playing habits, which contribute to each student’s confidence, success, and lifelong love for music.

We’re pleased to provide instruction for the Royal Conservatory of Music Program, as well as Jazz Piano Theory and Modern Songwriting. Please enquire with the main office about these specialty lessons.

Theory & Performance Study

Studies show that students who write music by hand are quicker to read notes and apply music fundamentals in their playing. This is what we do in theory class! Meeting in monthly classes with other musicians of a similar age and skill level, students study the rudiments of music theory, as well as music history and composition. In addition, students are encouraged to perform for their peers, often inspiring each other and providing a wonderful practice incentive each month.

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Please contact the office to schedule your lesson time, then click an option below to complete enrollment.