Piano, Guitar, and Voice Lessons in Issaquah, WA


Our Lessons...

offer a comprehensive music program that prepares students for many options. While our program is structured, it is very accessible. Students are able to complete weekly assignments in a reasonable amount of time when they develop routine practice habits. Parental support is encouraged and greatly appreciated. The average length of study at our school is eight years.

Core Lesson Program


Private Instruction emphasizes the study of Piano, Guitar and Voice. Piano and Vocal studies focus on sight-reading, harmony, theory, performance, and composition in a skill-building format. Classical standards and contemporary music plus blues, jazz and gospel styles are included. Guitar studies focus on developing technical and rhythmic skills in individual or group formats. Pop, folk, rock, standards, and classical repertoire are options.

Computer Learning Lab integrates music theory, ear training, and composition as part of a comprehensive instructional program for all levels of study. Our lab is similar to college/university music school labs. It reinforces skill building in music fundamentals for K-12 age levels.

Theory and Performance Classes fit a specific age and skill level, and are limited to 4-8 students per group. These classes focus on the conceptual framework of music and include the social/cultural aspects of a variety of music.

Skills and Drills Classes create a social learning environment for technical skill building, an essential component of music learning.

Performance Opportunities at our school are rich and varied. Major recital dates are included on our School Year Calendar.

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